Welcome to M2

M2 Dentistry for Children & Teens is known as a friendly, professional boutique pediatric dental practice in the Lancaster County area. Dr. Meliton, Dr. CoxDr. Patalowski, and Dr. Borandi cater to our young patients with the goal always to exceed the expectations of the patients and their parents. We believe in the dentistry of the past — provided in a one-on-one, personalized manner, where the dentist spends time with you and explains everything to you — but with the benefit of today’s modern technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and exceptional care. 

A Positive Experience

Each member of the M2 team has chosen to work with children because we all love being around kids! A common trait among all of us is patience. We understand that visits aren’t always easy or happy. We try to turn that frown around as much as we can by being upbeat and positive.

We take our time with our patients and explain everything we are doing in simple, easy-to-understand terms. “Tell-Show-Do” goes a long way; and with the right compassionate approach, we are able to take a fearful child and turn him or her into a happy patient.

Education and Prevention

The M2 team is focused on prevention, and places a high value on educating patients and parents. Dental decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, and it is completely preventable. We also counsel the parents and patients about dietary habits, and go over lists of smart snacks vs. not-so-smart snacks. We are realistic in our recommendations and offer alternatives for each child’s preferences.

With all this information, parents become our partners in raising cavity-free children.


Personalized Care

Each patient gets undivided attention from the doctors and the team, and parents are always kept up to date and informed about their child’s health at every visit.  

We strive to get to know our patients not only professionally but also personally. We regard everyone we meet as our friends. Getting to know patients on a personal level enhances their dental experience and helps to make the dental experience less intimidating.


We provide comprehensive pediatric dental care, including:

Give your child the gift of great oral health and a fun, positive outlook on dentistry that will last a lifetime. Schedule an appointment with M2 at our Lancaster office location today!
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