Surgery Center Dentistry

Our pediatric dentists routinely treat complex, comprehensive cases in a surgery center setting if needed.  Children with severe anxiety who are unable to cooperate in a traditional office setting are often candidates for treatment under general anesthesia.  Often these patients are very young, have complex medical histories or require extensive dental treatment.  These are the cases wherein conscious sedation is not quite enough to manage the child's behaviors and fears.  General anesthesia is also recommended for our patients with special needs who cannot be treated in a traditional office setting because of many different limitations.

General anesthesia patients receive medications to cause them to become unconscious and asleep while receiving dental care.  In most cases, we complete all of the needed dental treatment in one visit.  Once the treatment is completed, the child is awakened and brought to a recovery area.  Parents are escorted to this area to be with their children as they recover.  The child is discharged once doctors determine that he or she is alert and sufficiently awake to leave the surgery center.

Outpatient surgery center dentistry is provided at Lancaster General Health - Penn Medicine Suburban Outpatient Pavilion.


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