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M2 Dentistry is invested in many more ways than one! My husband, a local physician, who has great insight into many of the healthcare providers in the Lancaster area, decided Dr. Meliton’s practice would be a nice fit for our family. He was thoroughly impressed with her credentials, demeanor, and professional staff. Fourteen years later, M2 Dentistry has proven to be so much more. Along with the brilliant, beautiful smiles they skillfully created and continue to protect, there is a genuine concern for our girls’ comfort, happiness, and overall well-being. I look back in appreciation for all the consideration they gave me as a young nervous mother of two toddler girls visiting the dentist. From the very first visit they encouraged us all to use our bravery muscles. With their guidance and support, my girls regularly looked forward to their visits and their independence in the dentists chair. Dr. Meliton is brilliant and clearly has a great passion for pediatric dentistry. It is evident in my childrens smiles and the love they have for her. They absolutely adore her and so do we! Thank you Dr. Meliton, Dr. Patalowski, and M2 Team for the incredible care our family has received over the last fourteen years. You are the best!!! — Debra H.

When you can contact your childs dentist any time just for reassurance, you know you have chosen a top-notch pediatric dentist. It is hard to find medical professionals who take their job just one step further than what is expected. With Dr. Maria Meliton you will find exactly that! She is kind, caring, and invests in her patients. M2 Dentistry goes above and beyond every time!     — Marla B.

I can't express how great and clean this office is! My kids love going to the dentist and even beg to go along for each others visits. Today we were in to get a baby tooth pulled to make way for the grown-up one coming in. While waiting for the tooth to numb, Dr. M. and my daughter danced and jammed out to I cant feel my face when I am with you. Love m2. Just wished we had come here earlier!!!! — Joanne E.

Dr. Meliton and the staff are amazing. M2 Dentistry has always made our children feel comfortable coming in, and they make you feel like family. My son commented after his last appointment how he loves how they explain everything they will be doing to him. We would highly recommend Dr. Meliton to anyone who needs a wonderful pediatric dentist. — Biffy S.

Our family has been going to M2 for over 15 years and we could not be happier! Dr. Meliton and staff are the best! Our kids honestly love going to the dentist, and we love having a dentist that knows them, their passions, and their specific dental issues so well. We are so thankful to have found M2 so many years (and kids) ago! — Nicole J.

Amazing place to take your kids ! My kids get excited every time they see Dr Meliton. Everything about our experience, from walking in the door until we leave, is extremely positive. The waiting room is large, comfortable, and has video games. We never have to wait long until my three daughters are seen. The hygienists always make my kids (10, 7, and 3 years ) comfortable. Dr Meliton is great at talking to the kids and explaining what they need to work on with their teeth. She takes the time to give the parents a status while the kids pick out prizes. It is always a great experience! — Regina A.

Our kids have been seeing Dr. Meliton for ten years and they look forward to their check-ups. She has an uncanny ability to connect with children of all ages and her staff is top-notch. You can count on M2 for personalized care and well-timed ortho referrals. We could not be happier with the service we have received. — Stacie M.

I have been seeing Dr. Meliton since I was 7 years old. I’m 25 now, which is the best part of her “pediatric” practice: once you are in, you are in until you choose to leave. After just one visit to her office, you know you would be crazy to even consider it. She is truly the best there is. Her approach is perfection. She is always ahead of the curve and has a true passion for dentistry that is evident to anyone who walks through those glass doors. She relentlessly studies the field and knows everything about the latest technology and research. She is equipped with the most advanced and high-end dental home-care supplies (electric toothbrushes, hand-held flossers, painted-on dissolvable fluoride, etc.). She takes pride in her work and knows that while a great cleaning in the office is important, year-round maintenance at home is 90% of the battle. Her team of dental hygienists is just as great as she is. They greet everyone with a warm, welcoming smile, and they are genuinely invested in your life and what you have to say. You will walk out of the practice feeling like youve known them for 15 years. To top it all off, her office is a designers dream: clean lines, glass walls, modern furniture, game systems, and a killer color palette. This is not the dentist you dreaded as a child. This is M2! Four years ago, I made a move to California to pursue a career after college. In a lapse of judgment, I thought I would look for a dentist that was a bit closer to my new place. I thought practices based in Beverly Hills would perhaps be the California equivalent of M2: the best of what a place has to offer. The only problem? There is no equivalent of M2. I was met by dingy offices with sterile walls and dated technology. The cleaning equipment looked to be straight out of a 90s medical catalogue. The hygienists went through the motions, but it was clear that they were there to punch a clock, not to build trusting relationships with their patients. I cant say I was surprised. When youve already had the best, why look elsewhere? In summary: I've booked my flight in November. — Brittany G.


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